My Drone Authority

The club received a link from an experienced drone pilot, Mark Sheehan, for his "My Drone Authority" webpage. Included is a specific link to a buying guide which should be useful to anyone considering the purchase of a drone.

Annual Worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon -- Saturday, October 13

A new world record for the Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon was set this year with over 5000 flights world-wide.

Jerry launching for Tim
Jerry Worden assisting Tim Mullins launching his Ringmaster.

John's Lineup
John Cralley brought his excellent collection of Ringmasters
and an expectation to fly each of them during the Fly-A-Thon.

National Model Aviation Day Open House, August 11

Another successful Open House at the SIRS club field.

On the sidelines
Several area RC clubs sent members over to enjoy our open house.

Candy Drop
For unknown reasons, the candy drop seem to attract the most attention from our young visitors.

The drone helped keep track of (mostly) rockets which seemed to land in the beanfield. None were lost!

SIRS members launched a couple of rockets during lunchtime.

SIRS Nats Warm Up

A great weekend of flying for the SIRS Nats Pylon Racing Warm Up, June 23 & 24. John Roberts covered the events and put up these great photos.

The great Tip Stallman
SIRS club member, Kris Ackers, picked up 3rd place in the EF1 electric division.
Pylon racers
Flyers and club members. From left: Fred Logue, Jerry Worden, Kris Akers, Tony Seymore,
Larry Lisowski, Jim Nikodem, Rick Vogelsang and Bernie Vanderleest.

Finally, Flying Weather!

Another beautiful WWII fighter, Jerry brought out his Curtiss P-40 Warhawk. It was one of the U.S.'s main fighters at the start of WWII although generally outclassed by both the Japanese Zero and the Messerschmitt Me-109E. The P-40 served in all sectors of the war and was used by all the Allies -- most famously as the P-40 Flying Tigers flown by American volunteers in China.


Jerry posing with his P-40 Warhawk.


Kris Akers served as Jerry's ground crew as they rev up the engine.


Jerry taking it out to taxi on the runway.




Starting To Warm Up!

Spring Launch DayA couple of dozen members and friends showed up throughout Sunday, March 18, to take advantage of the first really decent flying day of the year.

Here's a link to some excellent photos by Joseph Roberts.

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