SIRS Club Safety Rules

  1. AMA and Club safety rules must be followed.

  2. The Club rules are posted on the SIRS website and at the field.

  3. Members must belong to the AMA. After three flying sessions, guests and prospective members must join the Club in order to fly at our Field.

  4. Alcoholic beverages are allowed after your flying sessions are complete for the day.

  5. No pilot will fly while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  6. Illegal activities are forbidden.

  7. Pilots must fly north of the flight line which is an east-west line from the electric pole on the road at the east end of the field.

  8. Spectators must remain a safe distance south of the flight line.

  9. Call out to fellow pilots when taking off, landing or walking onto the field.

  10. Flying is not allowed during field mowing.

  11. Vehicles and parking are restricted to non-flying areas.

  12. Members are responsible for compliance with these rules.

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